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Courses and Workshops

Role Analysis

Leila Djemal
Shely Sussman

in English

The visible and invisible at work: for HR managers and organizational consultants

Gali Goren-Holzberg
Shely Sussman
in Hebrew

Organizational processes in non-profit organizations - an OFEK approach

Roee Metzer
Elita Zur

in Hebrew

Supervision for group facilitators
- an OFEK approach

Daphna Bahat
Ran Carmeli

in Hebrew

Role Analysis

Marcelo Mauas
Sahar Khoury-Rouhana

in Hebrew

About TouchOFEK

OFEK offers professional development courses and workshops for managers, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, people from the business and non-profit worlds, organizational consultants, group facilitators, trainers, welfare and public sector workers, health and education professionals and more, via its continuing education arm, TouchOFEK

TouchOFEK is a platform for learning about the theoretical frameworks that underpin the group relations model, and creates a bridge between group relations conferences, group relations thinking, ie., the OFEK approach, and the expression and application of these in the ‘real world’ of everyday life.

We believe that the OFEK approach offers a unique lens through which to view organizations and the people in them, and that a deeper understanding of the approach can help organizations and individuals function better in their roles. Following the Corona crisis and at a time of political and economic instability, we need to widen our toolkits and expand our ways of thinking both about our organizations and about ourselves within them, in order to better meet today’s realities.

These are professional development courses that can also benefit participants’ organizations.

TouchOFEK was founded in 2017 and since then has offered a wide range/variety of different courses each year, both in person and online.

Co-Directors of TouchOFEK:

Marcelo Mauas | MBA

Consultant to business organizations in the areas of change management, leadership and executive teams; Organizational development of SME’s and family businesses; Supervisor of consultants and organizational development managers; Designs, leads and consults to leadership development programs; Cooperating partner of Innova Institute, Barcelona (Spain); Member, Israeli Association for Organizational Development; past Board Member, OFEK

רועי מצר

Roee Metzer | MSW

Director of Social Care, OTOT Association; Facilitator and consultant for teams and managers in services for youth and young people at risk and in human rights organizations; Winner of the Recanati Award for the Entrepreneur Social Worker; Graduate, Program of Organizational Consultation & Development: Psychoanalytic-Systemic Approach POCD; Member, OFEK. 

Founders and Past Co-Directors of TouchOFEK:

Daphna Bahat | MA

Clinical Psychologist and Supervisor; Consultant to Organizations; Teaches psychotherapy and the psychoanalytic-systemic approach for groups and organizations at various institutions; Founder and past Co-Director, TouchOFEK – Continuing Education; Leads workshops for women’s empowerment using dance; Member, past Chairwoman, OFEK.

Leila Djemal | MA

Social-Organizational Psychology; Organization Development Consultant and Executive Coach; Founder and past Co-Director, TouchOFEK – Continuing Education; Graduate, William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Institute Organization Program focusing on system psychodynamics, New York; Held senior positions in advertising and marketing in London, New York and Tel Aviv; Associate, A.K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems; past Board Member, OFEK

OFEK Members who have taught in TouchOFEK:

Daphna Bahat, Shahar Balaban, Dori Bar-Lev, Gabi Bonwitt, Leila Djemal, Gali Goren Holzberg, Judy Levy (ז”ל), Ilana Litvin, Marcelo Mauas, Roee Metzer, Ilana Mishael, Sahar Rouhana, Yael Shenhav Sharoni, Shely Sussman, Oshrat Srabstein, Elita Zur.

Guest Instructors:
Smadar Ashuach, Hanna Marder, Miriam Shapira, Simi Talmi, Mike Teplitz, Miri Tsadok.


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