Kav OFEK is OFEK’s digital journal. Its Primary Task is to publish studies and reflections on practice which contribute to the deepening of understanding and insight into conscious, hidden and sometimes unconscious processes in individuals, groups, organizations and society at large; Through this publication to express the diversity and richness of ideas, thoughts and praxis from GR and psychoanalytic-systemic perspectives. 

The journal provides an open space for the expression of thoughts and generation of insights in relation to OFEK’s core activities through scientific and/or experiential writing. It offers a creative space for the interface between OFEK as an organization, its members and its wider context.

Between 2000 and 2011, 12 issues of Kav OFEK were published in print form, on topics such as otherness, gender and violence. A decade since the publication of the last issue, times and technologies have changed, and the journal has returned, in digital format.

The new editorial board includes Eliat Aram, Yermi Harel and Shely Sussman – one member of the early editorial boards, one member the more recent editorial boards and one new to Kav OFEK. Together they represent the combination of old and new, of tradition and innovation, itself an important aspect in the field of group relations.

The first edition of the digital Kav OFEK, true to the context of its re-birth, is entitled:
Group Relations in Times of a Pandemic: OFEK organizes and self-organizes; an outlook within and without.