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OFEK applies its unique approach in its various activities:

Group Relations Conferences

 Designated for the public

  1. International Group Relations Conferences – since 1987 OFEK has held an international group relations conference in Israel, integrating the Tavistock approach, on a yearly basis. Members and staff are from Israel and other countries. The working language in these conferences is English.
  2. Israeli Group Relations Conferences – OFEK arranges periodically a Group Relations Conference intended for the Israeli public, in which the working language is Hebrew.
  3. Theme Conferences – these group relations conferences are dedicated to exploration of themes relevant to Israeli society.
    The following conferences have taken place thus far:
  • Sexual Violence and Abuse in Family and in Society
  • Role and Fantasy on the Road
  • Jewish Identity, Belonging and Leadership – Israel and the Diaspora
  • Dilemmas in the Public Health Care System – on Role, Responsibility and Authority in an Era of Transformation 

Open Study Days

on issues related to significant social processes

  1. How to Make Peace – Learning from the Experience of Others (February 2010) 
  2. History of the Future – the Future of History (November 2007)
  3. The Violence Within Us (September 2005)
  4. What does a Man want in an Organization? What does a Woman Want in an Organization? (June 2004)
  5. Authority, Leadership and Gender – Conflict or Dialogue? (June 2003)
  6. Taking up Authority and Relinquishing Authority – Unconscious Processes in Organizations (June 2002)

Interventions in Organizations by invitation

OFEK offers a wide range of interventions designed for various aspects of organizational life:

  • Conferences tailor-made for the organization’s needs.
  • Interventions designed for groups and organizations interested in redefining tasks, goals and modes of operation in a rapidly changing environment; organization of work; quality of work; organizational development; and role analysis.
  • Interventions focused on social conflicts.
OFEK’s approach is especially suitable for organizations looking for unique and creative ways of dealing with changing circumstances.

  • Activities for OFEK members – annual general assembly, annual retreat, seminars, workshops, lectures.
  • Publication of KAV OFEK, an annual journal for members.